You will only see what you aim for.

My aim is to connect with my three beautiful boys (Brig, Soren & Reidar) who have been taken hostage, and cannot communicate with me.

MountainDreamers.net is a blog where I can communicate with my boys. I am undeterred. I will connect with you everyday, talk to you, inspire you, love you. You are wonderful, and you will survive this mess.

The conversation might seem lonely at times– lacking replies and comments. But this loneliness is not sufficient to stop me. I feel joy talking to you everyday, sharing how the world works, what I am thinking, what inspires me, what makes me laugh.

It is also a permanent record that I have never given up on you, and you can binge read it when you are adults. I love you. Aim high and pursue your dreams. Find your own summit and conquer it. Seek Greatness in life. Stay a MountainDreamer. Always. And you shall find your path. Love, Papa