Coronavirus is NOT the flu

Brig, Soren and Reidar- Be skeptical of the media and authorities who repeatedly warned you that Coronavirus is nothing to worry about, and less fatal that the flu.– Remember the repetition- “don’t wear a mask!”- This was narrative all through January and February.

This was a malevolent lie by authorities for months, and not a “simple mistake”, or misunderstanding. They did not have the courage to face a clear and present danger.

It was intentional deception by the media. Twitter, Youtube and Facebook banned all the people who simply said it is NOT the flu in Jan, Feb and early March. Banning and censorship is the response of people who do not have the courage to face facts and evidence. Beware of people who ban and censor others. They are weak.. Then the evidence became overwhelming….

When the evidence became overwhelming that Coronavirus is much worse than that Flu, … do the media and authorities apologize for their misinformation and careless killing of people? Nope.

Follow the data, believe in yourself, and be skeptical of authorities. They do not care about your health. Be skeptical of other authorities in your life. They are malevolent, and do not have your health or best interests at heart. Beware of them.

Here is the latest data from Spain. Feb/Mar 2020 death even exceed the next highest death year during WW2. Play the animation below,it is worth watching, Data informs much better than censorship authorities. Embrace free speech.