Hate Crimes

Another day, another HOAX staged as a hate crime. Over 30% of hate crimes are hoaxes.

Even after the FBI clearly showed there was no hate crime… it was all a hoax for attention. But when caught in the HOAX, Bubba Wilson still denys the noose- watch the CNN interview. Your mother will deny her hoax- embarrassed by the sheer insanity of her claims of violence. Brig, Soren and Reidar – you are brave enough to evaluate the hoax your mother has generated and built up her fraudulent narrative.

Bubba says, “I tell you everything straight…” he is such a fu*king liar. Just like Jussie Smollet, and Lise-Anne Putnam. #liesdestroylives.

watch and listen. It is revealing that your mother is not alone.