Hunger Podcast

“I am leaving with my kids, or as a dead body!”

Vincent Fichot,

Listen HERE, 30 minutes interview.

In 2018, Vincent Fichot came home to an empty house in Tokyo, Japan. His wife, 3-year-old son and 11-month-old daughter had vanished. All he had done was suggest that he might want a divorce. He hasn’t seen or heard from his family since, and every effort to contact or reunite with his family has been blocked by his wife, her lawyers, Japanese courts, the police and even the politicians and policymakers – from Japan to his politicians of his country of origin – France (Emmanuel Macron, Josep Borrell).

Now, with nowhere else to go, Vincent have started a hunger strike in a desperate attempt to reunite with his kids. His goal is to stop the strike with a positive end or die trying, literally. I had a chance to speak with Vincent last week, or almost 5 days before he started the strike. In this podcast, you will hear the extend a dad will go to reunite with his kids, the gross negligence of the Japanese courts on the rights of children to have both of their parents, and above all, this reality of child abduction when it comes to Japan. If you are interested in his journey with this hunger strike, you can visit the links below. We will document his journey on a daily basis and we will also share his updates through our social media channels.

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