Dogwalker II

Amy Cooper- the dog owner who called the Police on a black man for “threats” is being charged with a false police report.

But the black man – Christian Cooper does not want anything to do with prosecuting her. He was not charged with a crime, and happy to let her go. He is kind-hearted, non-violent man.

I thought that was the right approach with Lise-Anne too. Let her heal… and that she would reform herself. That was a massive mistake. It only emboldened the lies and deceptions.

But what if Christian–the man- did not have a video of this incident? Like most men do not. What if the police arrested him because of her allegations and he was placed in jail? He would be convicted of a crime and perhaps imprisoned like your Papa. #liesdestroylives.

We must STOP these people making false claims. Amy Cooper should be punished for such an outrageous claim. Jussie Smollet is free after a false hoax crime, but how many innocent men rot in jail because they do not have a video of the hysterical person making a false claims?

  • Michael Flynn
  • Ross Ulbrict
  • Julian Assange
  • Tommy Robinson
  • Roger Stone
  • Duke Lacross Players
  • Jerry Cox

The list could go on for hundreds. False are worse than petty criminals. They deserve harsher punishment than one’s caught stealing when poor, or mentally unstable. Lies destroy peoples lives- and this is cruel. They are perpetrators of serious crimes. If you send someone to jail falsely… you have assaulted someone far worse that punching them, or stealing all their money. You have taken their freedom and their reputation. It is crime to lie- which is why it one on the ten commandments.

Excusing a person for lying is not a good policy..