Red Guards

Brig, Soren and Reidar- A cultural revolution is upon us. The Red Guards in China show the death and damage of a cultural revolution- more than 100 million lives lost. The French revolution was even more barbaric.- with the Jacobins, and we are witnessing Antifa today.

Beware of Antifa. They are powerful in France too, not just the USA.

Despite being met with resistance early on, the Red Guards received personal support from Mao, and the movement rapidly grew. Mao made use of the group as propaganda and to accomplish goals such as destroying symbols of China’s pre-communist past, including ancient artifacts and gravesites of notable Chinese figures. Moreover, the government was very permissive of the Red Guards, and even allowed the Red Guards to inflict bodily harm on people viewed as dissidents. The movement quickly grew out of control, frequently coming into conflict with authority and threatening public security until the government made efforts to rein the youths in. “