‘Blame the Russian Federation for My Death,’ Journalist Writes Before Self-Immolation

brig, soren and reidar. The marxist governments killed more than 100 people in 20th century. Much more than any soliders in the world wars. And today, the governments kill more people than all the crime networks out there. War, crime and pestilence are nothing compared to the slaughter caused by governments. Beware of who is willing to harm you, it is not what they tell you. That is why I am telling you, preparing you. Love Papa.


Irina Slavina died at the scene.Irina Slavina / VK

A Russian journalist has died after setting herself on fire outside police headquarters in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russian media reported Friday.

Irina Slavina, the editor-in-chief of the KozaPress news outlet died at the scene, the Baza and 112 Telegram channels reported.

“I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death,” Slavina wrote on her Facebook page about an hour before her death.

The previous day, she said local security forces raided her home in search of evidence of her involvement with the opposition.

“They were looking for brochures, leaflets, invoices of [pro-democracy movement] Open Russia, possibly an icon with the face of [exiled oligarch] Mikhail Khodorkovsky,” she wrote following the early-Thursday raid.

“I don’t have any of this,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “But they took away what they found — all the flash drives, my laptop, my daughter’s laptop, the computer, phones — not just mine, but also my husband’s — a bunch of my notebooks that I scribbled on during press conferences. I’m left without the means of production.”

Regional investigators said they have launched a pre-investigation check into the death but have not confirmed Slavina’s identity.