Bill Gates

Bill Gates is brilliant. But he has no courage to tell the truth when it contradicts the narrative in the public square. In fact, that lack of courage is partly why he is so rich and successful, but also why he is losing honor and respect with his colleagues. Bill Gates is not brave.

Brig, Soren and Reidar: Intelligence does not make your thoughts correct. Courage to test ideas, and have the conviction to follow the truth no matter what the mob says is what makes your thoughts correct. Science and truth-seeking is not a democratic process. It is a rigorous search to falsify a theory. Test, test, test. It requires stamina and courage.

Bill Gates is wrong about HCQ as a therapeutic for coronavirus, but he does not have the courage to say it. He knows he will contradict the political narrative and therefore Bill Gates will sacrifice truth for keeping friends. He lacks courage.

Boys you can be stronger than Bill Gates- otherwise you will lose the respect of other honorable and smart people