and if you watched the previous video with Evelyn and Lauren… then you can see what happened to Juan Branco- one of the most accomplished French citizens of your generation.

Juan Branco, accused of rape, defends himself from any coerced relationship

A handrail would have been filed Thursday in a Paris police station by a 20-year-old woman, according to “Le Parisien”.

JUSTICE – He assures us that it was a “consensual relationship”. This Friday, April 30, Le Parisien reveals that an investigation has been opened in Paris to verify allegations of rape made by a young woman against the lawyer and activist Juan Branco. Information confirmed in the wake by AFP.

According to the daily, this 20-year-old woman filed a handrail at the police station of the 14th arrondissement of Paris on Thursday, after her meeting with Juan Branco . The purpose of the handrail is to report facts to the police, without constituting a request for prosecution, unlike a complaint.

The investigation was entrusted to the first district of the Paris judicial police (1st DPJ), said a source close to the file. Contacted by AFP and Le HuffPost , the Paris prosecutor declined to comment.

In a long Facebook post on Friday , the lawyer and essayist denied any coerced relationship. He recounts his meeting with the young woman after exchanges on the social network Instagram. 

After a stroll in Paris, the couple would have gone to the home of the lawyer. They would have watched a movie before having a consensual sexual relation, according to the version of Juan Branco.

The next morning, the young woman would have “kissed” him before leaving, still assures the lawyer. She would have returned in the evening “cold and troubled” by announcing to him that she had deposited a “handrail” on the advice of two friends.

Following the Parisian article , Juan Branco also transmitted to the press on Friday afternoon a Facebook message attributed to the complainant, not immediately verifiable, which would tell her that she intended to “withdraw” her handrail “Monday ”.

Juan Branco is notably known for a bookstore success, the anti-Macron pamphlet “Crépuscule”, which appeared online at the end of 2018 and then Au Diable Vauvert / Massot in 2019.

He became the lawyer for the Russian artist Piotr Pavlenski in the case of the dissemination in 2020 of the sexual video of the former government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux , then candidate for mayor of Paris. 

The lawyer was placed at the end of January under the status of assisted witness in this case. He is also the subject of disciplinary proceedings by the Bar Council in this case.