Creative Learning – School without Grades

Learning is a lifelong journey. There is so much knowledge and information and experience out in this world…its infinite.

Learning is about paying attention to the world around you. Notice the little details, the patterns, the peculiarities.

And it is all connected. We don’t exist as isolated individuals in a glass cage. No, we are part of this amazing world, constantly interacting with it.

To process all the information that we are learning non stop, it helps to have a storage system in our brain. Like different categories or different folders. Like “Biology” or “Mathematics” or “History”.
A bit like the subjects in school.

But we must not forget that those categories are just auxiliaries.

Because everything is connected and inter-related.

That’s why sometimes you watch a movie and suddenly go “OH now I get what the history teacher was talking about the other day!”.

And that’s what makes Learning so much fun – you can connect the dots. You can see how things work, are connected and then they suddenly make sense.

If you are curious and creative you don’t need the pressure of grades.

Inspiration does not thrive when you are threatened with punishment of a bad Grade. This does not mean that you should not check whether you have fully understood and internalized a topic.

But you should learn to still your curiosity – and not because of the threat of a bad grade.

Stay curious! ….there is so much to learn!