Death Penalty

This is the most disturbing story. It begins with a terrible tragedy of mental illness and murder, and then the legal system actually weaponizes normal caring people into pure evil- killing more, and destroying young girls. Mark and his two daughters suffer so horrendously, it is unfathomable.

  1. Mark’s beautiful wife was murdered by his humiliated childhood friend.
  2. Later, Mark’s friend worked out a “plea deal” with prosecutors to tell a clearly false story, and get another man convicted to a life sentence, and the Mark sentenced to death. The actual murder gets only “20 years” for his deception.
  3. Now the children have no parents. And the maternal grandparents have alienated the poor children from the paternal side.

In a ray of hope, Amanda Knox was eventually freed from her wrongful conviction, I only pray for Mark will have the same outcome.

There are ghostly similarities in the wrongful convictions of Mark Sievers and Amanda Knox.  This document is meant to highlight the similarities.  Scan the bold titles for a quick summary.    

Graphic murder of a beautiful woman–   This type of murder makes people more emotional,  more enraged more than murder of a gang member or of a man.  Somebody must PAY!  Beautiful innocent woman killed in gory photos creates the harshest punishment.  Facts and evidence are routinely dismissed to soothe the horror.

Meredith Kercher

,   Theresa Sievers

Global news story for a small community unaccustomed to the media. Local Police found itself in high pressure cooker, to find evidence quickly and bring a conviction.  The media and public pressure (and possible fame) gets police to lie, deceive and make ridiculously false claims. Ditto for prosecutors looking for glory and promotion. If contradictory evidence emerges later, they will commonly refuse to accept it- for fear of looking incompetent.

Murderer(s) are found in a very different location weeks laterRudy Guede was found weeks later in Germany with compelling objective evidence of fingerprints against Meredith,  Curtis Wright and Jimmy Rodgers were found 2 months later in Missouri, with compelling evidence from GPS logs and video showing them at Theresa Sievers house at time of murder.

The Murderers confess to the crime when presented with overwhelming evidenceWhen the actual murderer is caught and interrogated with compelling evidence, they begin to tell stories, and squirm about exactly what happened.  They are told if they “confess”, then will get a lighter sentence than if they profess innocence.  Eventually, after negotiation both murderers confess… And sadly Amanda and Mark later understand the severe penalty of proclaiming innocence to prosecutors, and challenging the prosecutor’ narrative. 

The Murderers have prior record of criminal activity.  While doubt about the reliability of testimony from these confessed murderers Rudy and Curtis should be front and center in the court… Just the opposite occurs. The prior criminal convictions are buried by prosecutors and they become uncontested Truth Tellers. In fact the murder’s testimony become the primary source of conviction against Amanda and Mark.   It is hallmark, common pattern in a court case where the prosecution lack any factual or objective evidence.

Plea deal leads to “Fast-Track Non-Trial” for Murderer.    The murders are effectively offered a no-jury trial, which has a guaranteed sentence by a judge, and no uncertainty that a jury trial would provide.  In a quid-pro-quo, Rudy is offered a plea deal, a lighter sentence if he will testify against Amanda.   Curtis Wright was offered a 20-year sentence- rather than death sentence, if he would testify against Jimmy Rogers (life sentence) and Mark Sievers (death penalty).  Neither murderer, Rudy or Curtis had to face cross examination or a jury.  Instead they could implicate others, and lie in their own murderous activity, and not get be questioned or cross-examined.  Their incentive: the better they lie about the crimes of others, the lighter their own punishment.

No actual evidence ties Amanda or Mark to the crime- just testimony of convicted criminalsReality, and objective evaluation of facts was suspended in the Amanda and Mark court cases.  The cases become a ridiculous circus of emotions, and obvious contradictions rather than review of actual evidence. Because there was no evidence tying them to the murder, the prosecution relies entirely on the testimony of the confessed killers, Rudy and Curtis.  

Amanda and Mark are “not normal people” according to prosecutorsThe prosecution impugns the character of Amanda and Mark – as “not acting normal” upon learning of the murder.   Rather than prosecution having the burden to prove the crime to the court, instead they abdicate this responsibility and rely on the presumption of guilt.  The prosecution raises doubts about their behavior about how a normal person would act when they learn a loved one has been murdered.  What is “normal” when you suddenly learn a loved one is killed?  If that is the best evidence that a prosecutor can put forward, then a wrongful conviction is obvious.  Too obvious.  And the prosecution maintains that the true confessed murderers- are now uncontested Truth Tellers.   Absurd.

Revenge by the victim’s family is a driving force of the wrongful convictionThe family of Meredith and Theresa are thirsty for blood to avenge the horrible crime.  Meridith’s family spent years in Italy trying to convict Amanda and still believes Amanda is the killer- incredibly even to this day.  They were not satisfied with Rudy’s confession- they wanted more . Theresa’s parents demanded the death penalty for Mark- years before his trial.   The confession by Curtis was not sufficient for their revengeful feelings.   Theresa’s parents revenge for Mark even extends to the grandchildren, who do not want their father killed. Theresa’s parents alienate the grandchildren and shun all the extended family on Mark’s side, not allowing them contact with the daughters.  Think of crimes Theresa’s parents are extending to Mark (his death), the children (now losing both parents).   The family of the victims are emotionally unhinged with their grief, and demand revenge, not justice.

The sentence for the innocent is higher than sentence of the guilty Amanda received a sentence of 28.5 years, while the actual murderer,  Rudy Guede has 16 year sentence.  Curtis Wright the actual murderer gets 20 year sentence, while Jimmy Rogers his naïve accomplice gets life imprisonment, and Mark Sievers, his best friend is convicted to death sentence.  If you are innocent, your sentence is going to be far worse than if you are guilty.  That is how prosecutors work and gin up their narrative.  They will lie, fabricate evidence and hide exculpatory evidence to win their case- winning a severe sentence is their goal, not justice.  

Amanda is now free, Mark is awaiting his execution.   This is where the cases diverge.   Let’s try to get Mark the same outcome as Amanda.  While freedom is not truly justice for Mark and Amanda, it is better than the status quo.  

Justice would require the prosecutors and police go to jail for their crimes of willful deception and malfeasance.

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