Brig, Soren and Reidar:

Watch this video from Buffalo New York where police knock down a 75-year old man, he cracks his head, he is bleeding and police simply ignore him. The video is critical, because it shows exactly what happened, and more importantly what comes next.

The behavior by police is so outrageous, criminal and clear in the video that the 2 police officers where immediately suspended from work.

But rather that the Police department ACCEPTING that this video is real, and censuring the behavior of these officers as despicable, immoral and criminal. Nope. Instead, the other Police Officers DENIED that it happened, and all the other 57 members of the police force resigned in protest. They could not bear to watch themselves on the video, and see themselves act so despicably. They DENY their behavior by protesting and claiming innocence when the video is overwhelming. They are weak people, unable to accept idea that committed an atrocious act.

This is how other Catholic priests act when graphic evidence of pedophilia is uncovered in the Church. They DENY it, and double-down on their alliance to the Church. They claim people are against the church, rather than against pedophilia.

I have told you repeatedly about doctors who were killing mothers in childbirth could not tolerate the overwhelming evidence from Dr. Semmelweis that their lack of hand-washing was killing people. It is the same DENIAL of truth– those doctors are weak people and prefer atrocious immoral behavior just to save themselves from their psychological demons. Instead they actually killed Dr. Semmelweis– unable to face the obvious reality of hand-washing. Incredible how weak people are.

Brig, Soren and Reidar- this is the same behavior of your mother. DENIAL to facts and reality. She cannot face the crimes she has committed against the family with all its graphic unassailable evidence. She blocks all information to you. Be brave, and look at the evidence on

Stay strong. We will break this wall of DENIAL.

love papa