France Manifesto

Brig, Soren and Reidar- Join me and the other 100+ signatories to this manifesto. Instead, if you don’t sign, then you are compling with the banning of islamic information (such as policies at Ecolint or la cote, and opendemocracy). Each of these institutions wants to destroy men, liberal society and freedom for an individual person. They are your enemy, they are not neutral.

Standing with you. Love Papa. #BeBrave #liesdestroylives


In a forum in the “World”, professors and researchers of various sensibilities denounce the reluctance of many of their peers on Islamism and “indigenist, racialist and decolonial ideologies”, supporting the words of Jean-Michel Blanquer on “l ‘Islamo-leftism’.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A few days after the assassination of Samuel Paty, the main reaction of the institution which is supposed to represent French universities, the Conference of University Presidents (CPU), is to “share the emotion aroused” by comments by Jean-Michel Blanquer on Europe 1 and in the Senate on October 22. The Minister of National Education had noted on Europe 1 that “Islamo-leftism is wreaking havoc at the university” , in particular “when an organization like the UNEF gives in to this type of thing” . He denounced an “ideology” which “leads to the worst” , noting that the murderer was “ideas which often come from elsewhere” , the “communitarianism” which are responsible: “the fish rots by the head” .

And in the Senate, the same day, Jean-Michel Blanquer confirmed that there are “very powerful Islamo-leftist currents in the sectors of higher education which are damaging people’s minds. And this leads to certain problems, that you are seeing “ .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We, academics and researchers, can only give us with this observation of Jean Michel Blanquer.

Who could deny the gravity of the situation today in France, especially after the recent Nice attack – a situation which, whatever some people claim, does not spare our universities? Indigenist, racialist and “decolonial” ideologies (transferred from North American campuses) are very present there, fueling a hatred of “whites” and of France; and a sometimes violent militancy attacks those who still dare to defy the anti-Western doxa and the multiculturalist prech-preached. Houria Bouteldja was thus able to congratulate herself at the beginning of October that her decolonial party, the Native Party of the Republic (of which she is the spokesperson) “shines in all the universities” .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The reluctance of most universities and associations of university specialists to designate Islamism as responsible for the assassination of Samuel Paty is an illustration of this: their press releases only refer to “obscurantism” or “fanaticism”. “ .

As the wearing of the veil – among other symptoms – has multiplied in recent years, it is time to name things and also to realize the responsibility, in the current situation, for ideologies that have arisen and spread. in college and beyond. The importation of Anglo-Saxon communitarian ideologies, intellectual conformism, fear and political correctness are a real threat to our universities. Freedom of speech tends to be drastically restricted, as recently witnessed by numerous censorship cases by pressure groups.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

What threatens us are not the words of Jean-Michel Blanquer, who should on the contrary be congratulated for having become aware of the seriousness of the situation: it is the persistence of denial. The CPU says in its press release that “research is not responsible for the ills of society, it analyzes them” . We do not agree: ideas have consequences and universities also have an essential role to play in the struggle for the defense of secularism and freedom of expression. 

We are therefore surprised by the long silence of Frédérique Vidal, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, who only intervened on October 26 to make sure that everything was going well in the universities. 

But that does not mean that we are reassured. We therefore ask the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to put in place measures to detect Islamist abuses, to take a clear stand against the ideologies that underlie them, and to engage our universities in this fight for secularism and the Republic by creating a body responsible for directly reporting cases of attacks on republican principles and academic freedom, and developing a guide to appropriate responses, as was done for the ‘National Education.


Daniel Aberdam , Research Director at INSERM  – Jocelyn Achard , University Professor –  Francis Affergan , University Professor Emeritus  – Alya Aglan , University Professor – Jean-François Agnèse , IRD Research Director – Michel Albouy , University Professor Emeritus – Joëlle Allouche-Benayoun , CNRS researcher –  Éric Anceau , HDR lecturer – Valérie Andrieu , HDR lecturer –  Julie d’Andurain , University professor – Sophie Archambault de Beaune , University professor – Matthieu Arnold , University professor – Roland Assaraf , CNRS researcher – Philippe Avril , University professor emeritus – Fabrice Balanche , lecturer – Anne-Marie Baranowski , honorary university professor – Isabelle Barbéris , HDR lecturer –  Clarisse Bardiot , HDR lecturer – Dominique Barjot , professor emeritus of the Universities – Patrick Barrau , honorary lecturer  – Christian Bassac , honorary professor of the Universities – Myriam Benarroch , lecturer –Martine Benoit , University professor –  Wladimir Berelowitsch , director of studies at EHESS –  Florence Bergeaud-Blackler , research fellow at CNRS – Maurice Berger , former associate professor – Thibaut de Berranger , senior lecturer – HDR  Gilles Bertheau , senior of HDR lectures –  Marc Bied-Charrenton , professor emeritus of the Universities – Andreas Bikfalvi , professor of the Universities – Jacques Billard , honorary lecturer – Jean-Cassien Billier , lecturer –  Alain Blanchet , professor emeritus of the Universities –Guillaume Bonnet , university professor – Catherine Bore ,  Honorary University Professor – Yves Bottineau-Fuchs , Honorary University Professor – Michel Bourdeau , emeritus director of research at CNRS –  Laurent Bouvet , university professor –  Rémi Brague , Professor of Universities – Joaquim Brandão de Carvalho , University professor –  Jean-François Braunstein , University professor – Christian Brechot , University professor emeritus – Stéphane Breton , Director of studies at EHESS – Jean-Marie Brohm, Professor Emeritus of the Universities – Michelle-Irène Brudny , Honorary Professor of the Universities – Patrick Cabanel , Director of Studies, Practical School of Advanced Studies – Christian Cambillau , Director of Research Emeritus at the CNRS – Belinda Cannone Senior Lecturer – Nicolas Carrier , University professor – Dominique Casajus , emeritus research director at CNRS – Sylvie Catellin , lecturer – Jean-Marc Chadelat , HDR lecturer – Brigitte Chapelain , lecturer –  Jean-François Chappuit , lecturer – Blandine Chelini-Pont , university professor – François Cochet , emeritus university professor – Genevieve Cohen-Cheminet , university professor – Norbert Col , Professor  of  Universities  – Laurent Collet , University Professor – Jacqueline Costa-Lascoux , research director at the CNRS – Laurent Coste , university professor – Cécile Cottenceau , PRAG University – Gilles Courtieu , senior lecturer – Charles Coutel , university professor, vice-president of the Committee Laïcité République – Philippe Crignon, lecturer – David Cumin , lecturer HDR – Jean-Claude Daumas , professor emeritus of the Universities –  Daniel Dayan , director of research at the CNRS –  Chantal Delsol , member of the Academy of moral and political sciences – Gilles Denis , lecturer of conferences HDR – Geneviève Dermenjian , lecturer HDR – Marie-Laurence Desclos , professor emeritus of the Universities – Albert Doja , professor of the Universities – Catherine Douay , professor of the Universities – Michel Dreyfus , Director of research at the CNRS – Alain Ehrenberg , director emeritus of research at CNRS – Marie-Claude Esposito , professor emeritus of Universities – Jean-Louis Fabiani , director of studies at EHESS –  Jeanne Favret-Saada , honorary director of studies at EPHE –  Laurent Fedi , lecturer –  Rémi Ferrand , lecturer –  Luc Ferry , former Minister of National Education –  Michel Fichant , professor emeritus of the Universities – Jean Fichot , lecturer –  Mathieu Flonneau , lecturer – Dominique Folscheid , professor emeritus of Universities – Nicole Fouché, CNRS-EHESS researcher –  Annie Fourcaut , University professor – Jean-Marc Franconi , HDR lecturer – Renée Fregosi , retired HDR lecturer – Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle , University professor emeritus – Marc Fryd , HDR lecturer – Edith Fuchs , Honorary Lecturer –  Alexandre Gady , University Professor –  Jean-Claude Galey , Director of Studies at EHESS –  Marcel Gauchet , Director of Studies at EHESS – Béatrice Giblin , Professor Emeritus of Universities – Christian Gilain, professor emeritus of Universities –  Jacques-Alain Gilbert , professor of Universities –  Gabriel Gras , research fellow at CEA –  Yana Grinshpun , senior lecturer –  Patrice Gueniffey , director of studies at EHESS –  Éric Guichard , senior lecturer HDR – Jean-Marc Guislin , Professor Emeritus of Universities –  Charles Guittard , Professor of Universities –  Philippe Gumplowicz , Professor of Universities –  Claude Habib , Emeritus Professor of Universities – François Heilbronn , Professor of Universities associated with Sciences-Po – Nathalie Heinich, research director at CNRS – Emmanuelle Hénin , university professor – Marc Hersant , university professor –  Philippe d’Iribarne , research director at CNRS – François Jacob , associate professor of universities – François Jost , professor emeritus of universities – Olivier Jouanjan , Professor of Universities –  Pierre Jourde , Emeritus Professor of Universities –  Gilles Kepel , Professor of Universities – Jean-Charles Khalifa , Senior Lecturer – Catherine Kintzler , Honorary Professor of Universities –  Marcel Kuntz, research director at CNRS – Bernard Labatut , HDR lecturer – Pierre Camille Lacaze , University professor emeritus – Monique Lambert , University professor – Frédérique de La Morena , lecturer –  Philippe de Lara , HDR lecturer –  Philippe Larralde , PRAG University – Emmanuel Leclercq , Associate Professor  of Universities  – Dominique Legallois , Professor of Universities – Anne Lemonde , Senior Lecturer –  Anne-Marie Le Pourhiet , Professor of Universities – Andrée Lerousseau, lecturer – Franck Lessay , professor emeritus of Universities – Marc Levilly , associate lecturer – Carlos Levy , professor emeritus of Universities – Robert Lévy , honorary professor  , superior chair of Paris  – Roger Lewandowski , professor of Universities –  Philippe Liger- Belair , lecturer –  Laurent Loty , researcher at the CNRS –  Catherine Louveau , professor emeritus of the Universities – Jean-Marie Maguin , professor emeritus of the Universities – Catherine Maire , historian and researcher at the CNRS – Danièle Manesse , Professor Emeritus of Universities –  Jean-Louis Margolin Senior Lecturer – Jean Marieu  Honorary Professor of Universities – Joseph Martinetti , Lecturer – Gabriel Martinez-Gros , Emeritus Professor of Universities – Céline Masson , Professor of Universities –  Jean- Yves Masson , University professor –  Eric Maulin , University professor –  Samuel Mayol , lecturer –  Isabelle de Mecquenem , PRAG University – Ferdinand Mélin-Soucramanien , University professor – Mary Magdalene Mervant Roux , emeritus director of research at CNRS – Marc Michel , emeritus university professor – Jean-Baptiste Minnaert , University Professor  – Pierre Morere , Honorary University Professor – Nathalie Mourgues , emeritus university professor  – Frank Muller , professor emeritus of Universities – Lion Murard , associate researcher at CERMES –  Franck Neveu , professor of Universities – Jean-Pierre Nioche , professor emeritus at HEC – Pierre Nora , member of the French Academy – Jean-Max Noyer, professor emeritus of Universities – Dominique Ottavi , professor emeritus of Universities – Bruno Ollivier , professor of Universities, associate researcher at CNRS – Gilles Pages , director of research at INSERM – Hélène  Palma , lecturer – Rémi Pellet , professor of Universities – Marc Perelman , university professor – Pascal Perrineau , university professor –  Laetitia Petit , university lecturer –  Jean Petitot , director of studies at EHESS – Béatrice Picon-Vallin , research director at CNRS – René Pommier, lecturer –  Dominique Pradelle , university professor – Joël Priolon , senior  lecturer – André Quaderi, university professor –  Gérard Rabinovitch , associate researcher at CNRS-CRPMS –  Charles Ramond , university professor –  Jean-Jacques Rassial , professor emeritus of Universities –  François Rastier , Director of Research at CNRS –  Philippe Raynaud , Emeritus Professor of Universities – Catherine Resche , Emeritus Professor of Universities –  Catherine Regnault-Roger , Emeritus Professor of Universities –   Cécile Révauger , Professor Emeritus of Universities –   Jean-Paul Revauger, Professor Emeritus of Universities –  Dominique Reynié , Professor of Universities – Serge Ricard , Professor Emeritus of Universities – Virginia Ricard , Senior Lecturer  – Isabelle Rivoal , Director of Research at CNRS – Jean -Jacques Roche , University professor – Pierre Rochette , University professor – Marc Rolland , University professor – Jean-Paul Rosaye , University professor –  Danièle Rosenfeld-Katz , lecturer – Bernard Rougier , University professor – Daniel Roulland , University professor emeritus – Andrée Rousseau , lecturer – Jean-Michel Roy , University professor – François de Saint-Chéron , HDR lecturer –  Jacques de Saint-Victor , professor of Universities –   Xavier-Laurent Salvador , HDR lecturer – Jean-Baptiste Santamaria , lecturer –  Yves Santamaria , lecturer –  Georges-Elia Sarfati , University professor –  Jean-Pierre Schandeler , researcher at CNRS – Pierre Schapira , University Professor Emeritus – Etienne Schneider , PRAG University – Martine Segalen , University Professor Emeritus – Jean-Paul Sermain , University Professor Emeritus –  Francis Simonis , HDR Lecturer –  Perrine Simon-Nahum , Research Director at CNRS – Antoine Spire , associate professor at the University –  Claire Squires , lecturer – Bruno Sire , professor emeritus of the Universities – Isabelle Starkier , lecturer – Marcel Staroswiecki , honorary professor of the Universities –Wiktor Stoczkowski , director of studies at EHESS –  Jean Szlamowicz , professor of Universities –  Pierre-André Taguieff , director of research at CNRS – Jean-Christophe Tainturier , PRAG University – Jacques Tarnero , researcher at the Cité des sciences et de l industry –  Michele Tauber , lecturer HDR –  Pierre-Henri Tavoillot , lecturer HDR –  Alain Tedgui , emeritus research director at INSERM –  Thibault Tellier , University Professor – Françoise Thom , lecturer HDR – Andre Tiran, teacher Emeritus of Universities – Antoine Triller , Emeritus Research Director at INSERM – Frédéric Tristram Senior Lecturer HDR – Sylvie Toscer-Angot , Senior Lecturer – Vincent Tournier , Senior Lecturer – Christophe Tournu , Professor of Universities – Serge Valdinoci , lecturer – Alberto Verga , university professor – Raymonde Vatinet university professor – Gisèle Venet , university professor emeritus – François Vergne , lecturer – Gilles Vergnon , senior lecturer HDR – Martine Verlhac , Honorary Professor  , Annecy Superior Chair  –  Pierre Vermeren , University Professor – Marie-Claude Vettraino-Soulard , Honorary University Professor – Yves Visetti , Emeritus Research Director at CNRS – Elodie Weber , Senior Lecturer – Nicolas Weill -Parot , Director of Studies at EPHE –  Yves Charles Zarka , Professor Emeritus of Universities –  Paul Zawadzki Senior Lecturer HDR –  Françoise Zonabend , Director of Studies at EHESS – Anne Zribi-Hertz , Professor Emeritus of Universities – Patrick Zylberman, professor  emeritus  of the Universities. 

To date, 253 academics and researchers have signed the Manifesto of 100.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Academics and researchers wishing to sign this manifesto can do so by sending an email to the contact address below.