In January 2019 Kamala Harris wanted “Anti-Lynching” legislation passed- which had been stalled over 100 years in the Congress, so she collaborated with actor Jussie Smollet in a clown-show HOAX. Jussie was actually filmed buying the rope himself! No worries for Kamala because she knows she can get away with staging the most brazen lies and HOAXES. She cannot be criticized- (just watch comments below 🙂

Kamala was the first to promote the HOAX on social media,

And surprise …only weeks later in Februrary 2019, Kamala got her Anti-Lynching legislation passed through the senate unanimously. Later she also managed to get the felony charges against her friend Jussie Smollet dropped, against the desire of police department in Chicago. All of her phone calls with Jussie before and after attack were sealed from public view.

Rather than facing shame and embarrassment for the HOAX, instead she is rewarded and now selected as VP.


There is a pattern of her using hoaxes as a weapon. – She succeeds in destroying people, and nobody is willing to call her a fraud. She claimed that Tulsi Gabbard was a “Russian Asset” after Tulsi humiliated her in the debate. No worries, Tulsi was banned from participating in another democratic debate, eventhough she qualified in the polling. Oh well, Tulsi reputation is destroyed….Move on to next target. Kamala has no constraint or moral compass.

The Christine Blasey Ford, and other “gang rape” allegations to take down supreme court nominee Brett Kauvaugh failed in the end, but unquestionably it was a HOAX. The infamous letter from Ms. Blasey Ford arrived through California senate office of Dianne Feinstein, her colleague in California.

Kamala Harris introduces Anti-Lynching Hate Crime Legislation.

Watch Jussie Smollet blame others for his hoax. And he somehow manages to claim he is the victim for people not believing him! Don’t look at actual evidence or reality. Truly astonishing. He cannot face the humiliation of what he did, and we observe this exact behavior of Kamala Harris and Lise-Anne. Their ego is too weak to admit a mistake. People who cannot admit they are wrong are the most dangerous. They will commit any evil act (hoax, lie, cheat, even kill) to avoid facing feelings of self-inadequacy.

She is a hysterical fraud, just like your mother. See the resemblance?