Hi Brig, Soren & Reidar-

Please watch the French documentary “Hold-Up- Retour Sur un Chaos” before it is banned by authorities, it already has millions of views.

Please, do not be afraid of Coronavirus… Your chance of dying from Covid-19 is less than 1 in a million- In fact you are more likely to die from a meteorite! The people around you are injecting you with false fear, when you should be embracing life and opportunity. You are smart, and they are lying to you…
You must learn the facts for yourself, because the authorities do not want you know them. Coronavirus data is here, and shows you have effectively ZERO risk of dying. Do your own learning, and do not trust anyone. Particularly those around you.

The people around you are afraid of everything- not just Coronavirus, they are cowards. Be Brave. You are strong and courageous, and smart enough to do your own analysis. Please remember I am always here to protect you and support you. I love you so much- Papa.