Brig, Soren and Reidar-

Mr. John Goldman was subject to false allegations and destroyed.

Now he is called Jack Murphy, and he has learned some important lessons after being destroyed by the mob. – the same mob your mother is a member of. Jack is tough.

Jack started Liminal Order:
America was built on the vision of personal sovereignty. That means every man has the freedom to live according to his conscience. That’s what set this country apart from every other nation in the world.

But personal sovereignty comes with responsibility. If you’re free, if no one is your master; you must master yourself.

Personal sovereignty demands accountability for every decision. A free man can choose to sit and do nothing all day. Because you’re also free to starve, to fail, and to fall into ruin. No one else is going to drive you.

Personal sovereignty demands the initiative and action to make yourself work, to drive toward your goals. If you’re living to your conscience, other men will judge your moral fiber based on the choices you make.

As a collective, American men are to be judged poorly. The result of wasted sovereignty is stagnation. Look at how far we’ve come. Yet we are generally fat, stupid, and lazy as a nation.

Creation and exploration were the hallmarks of American exceptionalism. That’s why our culture has produced some of the greatest inventions in the world—because we’ve had to! And because we loved using our freedom to investigate the boundaries of our world.

A free man has no fear of what he may find beyond the borders of the known world. Personal sovereignty demands creation and exploration because these are outward signs of true self-mastery.

But the sheltered slave despises accountability, initiative, action, creation, and exploration. The slave master hates these traits because they would peel the slaves from his grasp. So he teaches his slaves to despise them almost as much as he does.

Right now, the leaders of our culture, institutions, and government are molding everything according to this statement: “Everything bad happening is someone else’s fault.” Accountability is at zero, even for the leaders paid to make the decisions.

Initiative and action are punished. Remember Shirtgate? In 2014, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission landed the Philae space probe on a comet. What an accomplishment. But mankind’s progress was overshadowed by outrage. One of the mission’s physicists, Matt Taylor, wore a “sexist” shirt with blonde chicks in bikinis during a media interview. Suddenly, no one cared about the space probe, the comet, or what the human race had just accomplished. Matt Taylor was forced to apologize to the world just hours after achieving something none of his journalist or activist critics ever could have.

Shirtgate sent the message loud and clear: If you accomplish anything noteworthy, morons on the left will find a way to destroy your life.

Today, creation and exploration are recast as “colonization” and “exploitation.” Remember Obama’s famous line, “You didn’t build that”?

At the heart of all this evil message is a doctrine of sheltered slavery. Shut up, don’t rock the boat, don’t accomplish anything, eat what you’re told, take your pills, and let your betters control every aspect of your life.

That’s the opposite of the Founder’s America.

The culture war that rages on all around us is a clash of fundamental visions about humanity itself. Are we independent, auto-regulating individuals who survive? Or are we helpless slaves who need to be told what to do and have our fake food dumped into a trough like we’re hogs?

Imagine two different worlds that fulfill these two very different visions. The new America with rotted, corrupted institutions and neo-slave masters wants you bloated and weak. They want you cowering in fear at the hardship that comes with personal sovereignty. They’ll send attack dogs after anyone who dares escape. They want you down. They want you weak and powerless. They want you to fight against a mythical horror of an enemy that cannot be seen or touched or heard or felt so you fall into despair and give up.

But there’s a second America. It’s both old and new, a return to our roots and a new growth sprouting from the rotten stump of our corrupted nation. An America that remembers the dream of true self-mastery.

Imagine a world where everybody believed that the choice to change lived within them. Where people believed that they were the ones who needed to take responsibility for their lives.

Imagine a world where the power of individual effort and accountability and personal responsibility can not only change yourself but also your family, your community, and your nation.

I believe in that America. Because I’ve seen it. It exists right now in every church, in every business, and inside every home where truth is spoken.

And that America thrives where men of purpose gather. When men cast off their shackles and swear themselves to personal sovereignty once more, America lives. The Founder’s America is reborn.

In the Liminal Order, we don’t just remember America: We are America. The spirit of the old and new meet in our community.

Our vision: Change yourself, change the world. It starts with you.

The Liminal Order doesn’t just talk about personal sovereignty. We’re obsessed with it. We chase it with every breath. If every man is as free as he believes himself to be, we are the freest men on earth. And with that freedom, we embrace the responsibilities men are called to shoulder. It is an honor to pursue accountability, initiative, action, creation, and exploration. These are a holy obligation to us, our reasons for living.

You’ve got two Americas to choose from.

Do you want to be a slave at the trough or a free man?


P.S. Listen to me and Darren Beattie discuss the color revolution to corrupt America and what you can do about it right here: