John Mast

The Murder of John Mast

Parental Alienation Kills People

John Mast was brutally murdered on 5-Feb-2021, when ostensibly meeting his ex-wife to pick up his kids. His ex-wife did not send the kids however, … instead she sent her father with a gun.

The newspaper articles simply report it as a domestic murder, and refuse to even mention the mother’s name or show her picture. The newpapers and internet articles show the slain father (John), and a mug shot of the alleged assailant – the mother’s radicalized father. But they refuse to disclose who the Mother is, her name and her photo.

Why is Mother’s name and photo omitted? Remember she is the one court ordered to deliver the children, and she is the individual that arranged the meeting… yet her name and photo is missing in the media reports? Why is she protected?

John had finally won a 3 year long legal battle to regain shared custody of their children. His first court ordered visitation was scheduled for Feb 5, 2020, and he was murdered exactly at the time and location his ex-wife arranged for the handoff of the children. But John never got to see the kids- instead he was greeted with 9mm bullets. The murder was in broad daylight, and captured on video camera.

This article is an investigative report to expose the actual predator. Her name is Rebecca Brashear-Mast, and she is the Mother.

Remember what Hermione Granger says about Voldemort in Harry Potter:

“fear of a name increases fear of a thing itself.”

And we as a society are afraid to talk publicly about Parental Alienation and the cruel weaponization of children in the Family Court. Parental Alienation is deadly, just like Voldemort.


Parental Alienation is when a predator parent prevents the other parent from seeing the children. The children are taken by the predator parent as hostages, and used for ransom payments or blackmail. The simplest way to hold a child hostage is to go the police and make a false allegation of violence or sexual assault against the spouse. Done. The children are immediately removed (or alienated) from the parent, who is considered guilty until there is a court hearing, generally months later. In John’s case it was a full 12 months.

Justice delayed, is Justice denied.

The magnitude of the Parental Alienation can be minor at first, but the false allegations of violence or abuse rarely disappear, even when they are proven to be outright fabrications and lies. In fact, the common pattern in the family court is that when an allegation by a predator parent is proven to be FALSE, the predator parent actually doubles down and increases the falsehoods in the next court round with even more outrageous lies. So the false allegations escalate, step-by-step, until the Parental Alienation becomes severe.

Such is exactly the case with Ms. Rebecca Brashear-Mast. Rebecca’s first lie was a going to Police, and filing formal charges of domestic violence against John. Today we know the reason why she filed the false charges: jealousy. Rebecca claimed that John was “unfaithful” with another woman and that was the subject of a heated dinner conversation at the Basil Restaurant, 17-Oct-2017. John’s claims of innocence that he was not “sexually unfaithful” to Rebecca did not matter to her distress. For Rebecca, John was guilty of “emotional infidelity” and she felt so emotionally hurt that she jerked her arm, and disabled her shoulder. This “self-injury” was falsely reported to Police as a crime of domestic violence…Rebecca seeked and was granted a restraining order against John immediately, preventing him from seeing his children. Finally 12 months later! , when the court reviewed the video evidence from the restaurant (the restaurant stonewalled releasing the tape) it was obvious that Rebecca lied and made up the false allegations of domestic abuse as a revengeful action. Rebecca did not face any punishment for making false allegations to the police, and no penalty for Rebecca that she refused John seeing his own children. Incredible.

That is how Parental Alienation begins… a first lie to the police.

But 12 months of passing did not heal Rebecca’s vengeance, and rather than feeling contrition for her original lies about John, Rebecca now felt further humiliation by her domestic abuse allegations being exposed as fraudulent. She was publicly exposed as a bitter and revengeful wife. Rebecca was also found guilty of violating federal law by taking the children out of state- 800 miles away from John. But no matter, the court provided mercy for her first lies.

But Rebecca learned an important lesson in court, a lesson she would employ over and over again. Her lesson:

There is no penalty when a mother lies in court.

Rebecca immediately doubled-down on her lies and accused John of rape – notably when they were still married. Therefore John was removed from children (again) and presumed guilty for months awaiting a court hearing. John was cleared of all rape charges, but now had been removed from his children’s lives for almost 2 years!

The second lie leads to third lie, which lead to a fourth lie…

Once John was cleared of the rape charges, Rebecca doubled-down again and claimed that John sexually sodomized both his son (homosexual incest) and sexually assaulted his daughter. These are third and fourth lies by Rebecca.

Rebecca had learned her lesson well, lies work. She also learned that even outlandish claims, totally outrageous claims, did not garner much pushback from friends or therapists. Rather she learned that the more outrageous the claim (e.g. homosexual incest), the stronger her friends and therapists supported her lies. They even defended her lies!

Pesky things like facts and evidence did not matter. All that mattered was the emotional support of her mother (Robin Brashear- a mental health professional no less), and her father Robert Brashear who has now confessed to the murder of John. Rebecca also enlisted a series of child therapists who never spoke with John, but just naively believed Rebecca’s outrageous allegations. Naïve people are allies for liars, and Rebecca collected a whole entourage when you read through the court depositions.

But courts are designed to look at facts, not emotions, and Rebecca’s lies had escalated to absurdity … such that they didn’t pass the smell test. There was a multi-day Family Court hearing in May 2020. Many of the facts were revealed in those days in May 2020, but the Judge’s decision was delayed again, kicking-the-can down the road. Kevin Mackey, a lawyer practicing for 20 years in divorces, say he has never seen a decision delayed so many months. The court was covering its eyes, and delaying its responsibility, and hoping the embarrassing lies of Rebecca would some how go away. Kicking-the-can-down-the-road.

Justice delayed is Justice denied. John had been alienated from his children for multiple years now.

Finally in December 2020, the Judge, Mr. Josh Rustad declared that John was cleared of all sexual assault charges and that Rebecca was ordered to share custody of the children with John. John was ecstatic with the news: it wasn’t truly justice- it was ‘Disneyland Dad” visitation rights- but at least he could see his kids again. The Judge mentioned numerous times the lack of credibility in Rebecca’s statements, but decided not to censure her. While John’s defense team had argued that the children were not safe with such a delusional mother- a serial liar, the Judge denied this request, and ordered only visitation rights for John. Rebecca was declared the primary custodian of the children. Finally on February 5th, 2021, a day of infamy, a handoff of the children was scheduled as the first visitation for John to see the children, Ashira and Zayne.

Rebecca’s 4th lying gig was up. What could she falsely accuse him of next?

The ultimate and final form of Parental Alienation is murder… Rebecca knew how she could alienate the children from their father – forever.

Rebecca decided not to send the kids to the agreed hand-over meeting with John on 5-February-2021, she ambushed him instead.

Shall we meet our Predator Parent?

You can see her full Instagram profile here @rebeccamast912 . She is following dozens of Yoga Gurus, wellness experts, crystals, militant vegans, sexy men and women.

It is clear from the 200+ people she follows on Instagram that she is high in vanity, fashion, crystals and self-help messages. Not a single one of her wellness gurus tells her to speak the truth, work hard, and take responsibility. Instead they admonish her to wear sunglasses, listen to crystals and take vanity-selfies. Follow your feelings, and ignore the reality of your accomplishments.

What becomes obvious from reading her Facebook and Instagram accounts is that she not only lies to her husband and the children, but that she lies to herself about herself. She is fully delusional which is the standard DSM-5 diagnosis for Parental Alienation. It might be only a sad story of mental health, but unfortunately her lies metastasize into murderous death and imprisonment. These delusional lies could have been stopped. The first lie was forgiven, the second lie, the third lie, the fourth… it ends in murder.

John’s legal defense team repeatedly argued to have a psychological assessment performed on Rebecca. Her previous false allegations under oath, suicide attempt and revengeful behavior provided ample evidence of mental instability. Yet the Court ruled that administering a psychological evaluation of Rebecca would be too stressful for her. Rebecca constantly plays the character of a victim. The court ruled that Rebecca should be shielded from such an intrusive psychological examination. In hindsight, this is certainly a blood-stained error.

I think any lay person reading through Rebecca’s social media profile would have sufficient evidence to declare her mental fitness questionable- even without a professional assessment.

John is Squeaky Clean

While Rebecca was considered too fragile by the court to be subjected to a psychological evaluation, John was required to perform dozens of psychological tests. He was always having to prove a negative. He was “presumed guilty” before the court hearings, and had “prove his innocence” in court. Which he did, with flying colors.

The escalating pattern of false allegations is always present in Parental Alienation cases. The Family Court provides a legal forum for people to lie and make false allegations. A False Allegation is simply a lie “under oath”.

Counterintuitively – the more innocent the accused person, the more outrageous the claims of the crime. This pattern happens over and over again.

A robust legal defense of an innocent and squeaky clean person can actually backfire, and get him or herself into far deeper trouble. An accuser can ensnare a flawed person by ‘exaggerating or bending” the truth a bit. But if the accuser wants to ensnare a virtuous, squeaky clean person,… they have to escalate the allegations dramatically. Rebecca took her false allegations to the moon, accusing John with “homosexual incest of a minor”.

John’s psychological tests [Abeltest] showed him in the lowest 6% for sexual deviancy. John was not a normal guy. Actually John was an extraordinary guy. John was way above normal as a father, and that is why Rebecca had to inflate her lies so much.

The outcome of a violent murder was predictable in this case. John’s murder is not a bewildering random act of violence, or an unlucky coincidence. John was murdered BECAUSE he was innocent and an extraordinary father. None of the crazy violence allegations by Rebecca could stick to John’s character. The allegations were a decoy, to avoid scrutiny of the actual violent person in this case, REBECCA. Ultimately Rebecca had to go outside the law to achieve her ultimate goal- total alienation.

If John was guilty of something, even something minor, then Rebecca would have made an “exaggerated” allegation of that real event. The canary-in-the-coal-mine to this murder is the escalating pattern of lies with Rebecca. Follow the timeline of increasing lies, and it will lead you to a murder. When Rebecca’s lies became outrageously, ridiculously false – in fact– her lies were delusional to anyone with a bit of common sense, then bloodshed became inevitable.

When the court finally cleared John of all ridiculous sexual abuse charges, then murder became a physical way for Rebecca to Alienate and remove John from the children- FOREVER.

You cannot have Parental Alienation without Lies. And the greater the falsehoods, the more severe the alienation. False Allegations = equals = Parental Alienation. Many Family Courts are not aware of this simple relationship between lies and parental alienation. Small lies lead to unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships, and big lies will lead to murder or suicide, always.

Perhaps you are doubtful that lies can kill people… Dear Reader, let’s do a thought experiment together.

Ask yourself how would you react if you are innocent and your spouse accuses you of the following:

“violent homosexual assault and incest” ?

And in this experiment you not allowed to laugh the accusation away. The police are at your door with handcuffs. What would you do? Have a heart attack? Mount a vigorous defense? Sob, panic?.. pray to God?

Mounting a vigorous defense, and declaring innocence brings the real risk that your delusional spouse will have you snuffed out (John’s Fate) … and the only alternative is to face your children, and disqualify yourself as a human being (dishonor). Many people will falsely confess to a crime after intimidating interrogation. Walk in John’s shoes just for a moment…what would you do?

Would you fight for your innocence? submit to every possible humiliating test, sexual deviancy and polygraph? Spend every penny you have in your bank account? Boldly face friends and neighbors who hold you in “suspicion”?

That was the exact question facing John Mast for the past 3 years. He paid for his innocence with his life.

Now do you understand that lies can kill? ! A false allegation of sexual assault can actually be worse than a real sexual assault. False allegations of child abuse and rape kill people.

Lies Destroy Lives- Literally

  • John would still be alive if these false allegations had not been made by Rebecca.
  • John would still be alive if the court had censured Rebecca as a serial liar and held her accountable for her initial false allegations.
  • John would still be alive if the court had granted the request for a psychological evaluation of Rebecca.
  • John would still be alive if Rebecca had not radicalized her father, mother and therapists with her belief that she was a victim.
  • John would still be alive if Rebecca’s friends had simply asked her to verify her outrageous claims, rather than *believing* her.

Rebecca has conspired to assassinate her husband and now placed her father in prison for the rest of his life. Why are we as a society unable to call evil by its name?

Join me in exposing evil.

Say her name! Rebecca Brashear-Mast. Say it out loud!

Read John last words, just before he was killed. He was so happy to see his children.

Rebecca Facebook profile is designed as a virtue-signaling shield- a shield to protect her fraudulent narrative from being exposed. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She is a predator, not a victim.

It is my speculation that Rebecca did not sit down with her father, James Brashear and beg him or bribe him to assassinate John. I do not consider Rebecca a mafia-type calculating killer. Instead, I think that Rebecca radicalized her father – probably emotionally hijacking him with graphic and explicit details of sexual abuse by John. Rebecca is a well-oil machine of fantastic and outlandish lies. When you read James Brashear’s court affidavit about John, it is clear that he was a ticking-time-bomb of hatred against John. He said under oath, that John was guilty of heinous sexual crimes, irrespective of any evidence. He cultishly *believed* Rebecca’s lies without verifying anything.

James Brashear is not an evil human being, he was naïve to the predator in his daughter. I think that James Brashear is just as much a victim of Rebecca’s lies, as is John Mast. Tragedy all around, and the source of evil [Rebecca] is clear.

Mr. Dean Tong, who provided Expert testimony to the court in this case, has over 35 years experience confronting false allegations and has written multiple books on the subject. Mr. Tong testified to the court that “in his professional experience of representing over 1000 legal cases, he has never seen a more severe case of parental alienation than Rebeca Brashear-Mast”. Make no mistake, the court had the necessary information to make a proper decision about Rebecca’s delusional disorder. The court failed, tragically. In fact the court quotes Mr. Tong’s testimony as “Mr. Tony”, spelling his name wrong and and failed to comprehend the depth of Rebecca’s mental fragility. The court made a deadly mistake, not for a lack of information, or expertise or uncertainty. It failed because of a lack of courage. It was too cowardly to call evil by its name. Hermione Granger was correct.

Say her name, Rebecca Brashear-Mast. Stand up to evil. Be courageous.

“VictimHood Status” is a Shield for Lying

The lies that Rebecca told the court, police and child protective services were massive frauds, but likely redacted versions of what she told her children, parents, therapists and friends. A few naïve people believe the whole enchilada, but the vast majority were regular people unwilling to challenge her lies, and ask for verification. They are afraid of the backlash. They preferred to pity her “victimhood”, rather than understanding they were looking directly into the eyes of a child abuser.

There never was any sexual abuse. Not before, not during, not ever. Dean Tong describes the SAID syndrome in his books, [Sexual Abuse iDivorce] It is the “ultimate weapon” or the “atomic bomb” of divorce. It is well known by lawyers and family court judges that false sexual abuse allegations are used as a tactical weapon in divorce court. But even in that knowledge, the courts are too cowardly to call out Parental Alienation, or SAID by its name. The court is simply too afraid to pierce the shield of victimology, and declare a mother a liar. Dean Tong was not afraid to call Rebecca , “a dangerous liar”, and John’s legal team requested that the children be removed immediately from Rebecca’s custody- for their safety. In hindsight, they were clearly prescient. However the court, refused advice this expert advice on Parental Alienation, and gave primary, but shared, custody to Rebecca.

Would you be naïve to her message below? Would you pity Rebecca’s victim status? The victim shield is obvious, but it takes courage to challenge the false narrative, and recognize there is a wolf in that sheep’s costume.

This victimhood status sells to friends, even to courts and lawyers and psychiatrists and therapists. The court agreed that Rebecca was delusional and a serial liar and a risk to the children. Almost everyone, including the judge understood that Rebecca was using the false sexual allegations as a tactical advantage in a divorce. But the judge wanted to *believe* that she is not really a child abuser in spite of overwhelming academic knowledge, expert witness testimony, and specific evidence in her case. The judge was afraid to look the predator [Rebecca] in the eyes.

It is very a unsettling thought to believe that a mother could be a predator. So most people deny the evidence, and suffer cognitive dissonance.

That is why the newspapers will not mention the mothers name, or show photographs. It causes cognitive dissonance in their readers. But you Dr. Reader, can see the evil.

Say her name! Rebecca Brashear-Mast. Say it out-loud.

So, what comes next for the children Zayne and Ashira? What do you think Rebecca has planned for them when they challenge her vile narrative about their father. Will she be gentle to John’s memory? or still call him a rapist and pedophile?

Most likely she will fake tears for John at his funeral this week. Another lie. She cannot stop herself. She must be stopped.

It is fairly obvious what will happen to Zayne and Ashira when they learn the truth about their father; that John was a devoted father and never abused them. Imagine what Rebecca will do when Zayne or Ashira says something like,

“…but mummy, I don’t remember Daddy hurting me…”.

YES – you know what will happen. But you are too afraid to say it.

Postpone Justice for John… act swiftly for the safety of the children

It is obvious now… John Mast was denied justice. The courts failed to protect him and his children from a predator.

But, the Police and Court system can act immediately to protect Ashira and Zayne from Rebecca. Robert Brashear is in jail, John is dead, and Rebecca as a violent predator, seemingly roams free…

Act NOW… Lies destroy lives.

Imagine the TERROR Rebecca will feel when her children learned what a fraud and murderer their mother is? It will just destroy Rebecca’s mental balance. You can even feel the shiver yourself. Rebecca understood that the children would learn the truth ( her lies and deceit) when visiting John. What mother wouldn’t die of shame if her children learned that the whole sexual abuse charges were a HOAX : THAT IS WHY SHE HAD TO HAVE JOHN MURDERED.

Rebecca had already attempted suicide once, and had to receive medical attention. She has proven that she is willing to kill herself and her husband, so it is a rather modest speculation to suggest that Rebecca is more than capable of killing her own children.

Here is the crux of the whole situation:

Rebecca will kill to keep her lies from being exposed. She will kill more people, or herself, or the children to keep her secrets hidden. This is a so obvious.

There is no way to keep the lies and falsehoods from the children forever. Truth emerges. When the children become adults they will learn the truth about their mother. It is inevitable.

The children must be removed from Rebecca, and Rebecca must face some reckoning with reality. She needs “reality rehab”, and god-willing hopefully she can repent and return to being a caring mother someday.

Be Brave and join the campaign to expose Rebecca.

John, you cannot rest in peace until your name has been cleared and your children are safe. I will marshal every resource I have to make this happen. Then maybe you, and your children can rest in peace. Your fight for the safety of you children is not over.

Join in, and #beBrave like Harry Potter. Face evil directly. John faced the evil in Rebecca with extraordinary bravery. Let’s honor his legacy, and not kneel to the mob of public silence about parental alienation.

Say her Name! Share her photo! Share this report! John deserves Justice.

John’s Obituary here:

Please reach out to me if you have first-hand information, or evidence. I will update this investigative report as more evidence pours in. Please see notes below about how to comment.

Parental Alienation kills people. Parental Alienation is always caused by false and delusional allegations. Stop the lies, and you stop Parental Alienation.

#Istandwithjohn is hashtag started by Eric Carroll at Dad Talk Today, and he is crowdfunding a documentary.

Dean Tong and others are donating their professional resources Pro Bono to save Zayne and Ashira. Please join in, share and donate. Thank you.

Footnotes and Resources:

Court Docket:, then click Williams County and enter name “John Mast”

Overview Interview with expert on Parental Alienation – Dean Tong (Dean Tong)

Psychological screening tests

Newspaper article detailing murder scene

Ms. Jennifer Gooss, Attorney for Rebecca Brashear-Mast

Mr. Kevin Hickey, Attorney for John Mast

Rebecca as Domestic Abuse Victim on Facebook

Rebecca on Instagram,

Rebecca on Facebook,

James Brashear was a known ticking time bomb, X-Zone Radio Show

If you declare a woman, Voldemort, it can get you doxxed by the NY Times. They are seriously afraid to call evil by its name.

Notes on Comments, Reporting, Blocking etc.

Revealing truths triggers many emotional people, and this post will undoubtedly generate raging emotions in fragile people.

Typically their first reaction is enter into name-calling:

  • misogynist
  • white supremacist, racist
  • alt-right, MRA, nazi… whatever is the latest flavor of the month.

While none of these “name-callings” have any bearing in reality, it does not matter to them. They are venting their emotions like a child might on a schoolyard playground. I will ignore your name-calling.

It is my first amendment right to speak. Legally you cannot cancel or block me, even if you wish too.

“Canceling me” or “Reporting me to authorities” is your next response if I refuse to engage in your name-calling. I get it…, you see… it is the same escalating warfare that alienating parents engage in. They keep escalating the battle to suppress real information from being revealed.

“Reality is the actual enemy”, and I am simply the messenger.

Rebecca Brashear-Mast continues to have every opportunity to reveal any ACTUAL ABUSE by John. Please encourage her to reveal information, rather than attacking me as the messenger. She can tell her own story on substack, or anywhere else.

You may want to *believe* than Rebecca is not guilty of outrageous lies and conspiracy to murder. Fine- live in your world devoid of facts- only emotions, and I will leave you alone. You do not have to challenge my facts on the ground and in the court documents. Just leave me alone.

What you are NOT ALLOWED to do is eviscerate me because I provided evidence that your fragile emotional state cannot handle. That is your emotional problem. Deal with your fragile emotional state yourself.

Legal disclaimer,

I am legally allowed to post the name and photos of Rebecca Brashear-Mast. Each photo and description has been posted publicly and voluntarily by her. Rebecca’s posts are set for PUBLIC consumption, not to private group of friends or supporters. She gleefully posted her Facebook and Instagram photos to the world, including those of the children.

Generally when children have been abducted or abused, their pictures are plastered all over milk cartons and Amber Alert messages are sent out with photos. The child’s picture is revealed as a victim (do you know this person?) , and the perpetrators mug shot is exposed (do you know this person?). It is effectively a tip line to stop abuse or terror.

This investigative report is a public service message. Ashira and Zayne are abused children, and I have identified the abuser. Please help the children, rather than attacking me.

If you have first-hand information that I can vet for veracity, please engage and improve the situation for the Mast Family.