Another day, another liar. #liesdestroylives

Brig, Soren and Reidar. Your mother is not unusual. She lies with impunity like many woman of high status and education. They never face consequences for their evil behavior. Many men are in jail, their lives destroyed because of Sally Yates and her lies. She is mendacious.

Sally Yates Can’t Remember

Why everyone is now running away from the Logan Act.

By The Editorial BoardAug. 7, 2020 6:38 pm ET

Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General and later acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifies remotely via video conference at a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing investigating the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation on Capitol Hill in Washington, August 5, 2020.PHOTO: HANDOUT/REUTERS

Sally Yates was a top official in the Obama Justice Department who served as acting Attorney General in the first days of the Trump Administration until President Trump fired her for insubordination. On Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee asked whether then Vice President Joe Biden had brought up the Logan Act during an Oval Office meeting related to the investigation of the incoming national security adviser, Michael Flynn.OPINION: POTOMAC WATCHLessons From New York’s Mail-Vote Mess00:00 / 22:40SUBSCRIBE

“I can’t remember,” she said.

How convenient. The Logan Act is an obscure statute from 1799 that forbids private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments over disputes with the United States. It has only been used to prosecute twice, in 1802 and in 1852, both times unsuccessfully, and is widely regarded as unconstitutional.

Yet the Logan Act was the main premise that Justice Department officials and the FBI cited for going after Gen. Flynn for his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. Notes taken by the FBI head of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, ask if the goal of the bureau’s interview with Mr. Flynn was to “get him to admit to breaking the Logan Act.” Notes about the Jan. 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting taken by FBI agent Peter Strzok have Mr. Biden bringing up the Logan Act. And the leak to the Washington Post that ginned up all the hysteria against Gen. Flynn tied his calls to Russia’s ambassador to the Logan Act.

Ms. Yates is rewriting history. While she testified that the Flynn investigation was all about counterintelligence, her argument that Gen. Flynn had “neutered” the sanctions President Obama had imposed on Russia is also an implicit Logan Act argument.

We’re delighted everyone now agrees that prosecuting Mr. Flynn under this statute would have been ridiculous. In many ways the Logan Act has become the new Steele dossier, something that was taken very seriously by the FBI and Justice and the press—but is now so discredited that everyone wants to run away from it. Including Sally Yates and Joe Biden.