Meet The Mensheviks

The Mensheviks (moderates) were crushed by the Bolsheviks (far-left) in Russia. The same drama is happening today in France and USA, 100 years later. The left is going to crush and destroy anybody with radical violent idealogy.

Brig, Soren and Reidar- your family has already been destroyed by the this radical left idealogy of victimhood and cancel culture. Your mother is radical leftist- – cancelling me and falsely claiming to be a victim to promote her tyranny. Our family has ended in blood and tears.

Be brave… there are more leftist out there trying to destroy you.

—————- excerpt————

Here we see the division between Menshevik and Bolshevik, 20th-century liberal and 21st-century post-liberal. To the Menshevik, “cancel culture” is a new crocodile. To the Bolshevik, it is an old crocodile—and one which the Menshevik himself was feeding. Though apparently not feeding enough.

Over 200 years ago, Maistre, who will be still be read when all these “amazing writers, journalists and think-tankers” are footnotes in some unborn pedant’s monograph, answered young Mounk in advance:

It is long since such an appalling punishment has been seen visited on so many sinners. No doubt there are innocent people among the unfortunates, but they are far fewer than is commonly imagined.

It is frightening to see distinguished intellectuals fall under Robespierre’s ax. From a humane standpoint they can never be too much mourned, but divine justice is no respecter of mathematicians or scientists. 

Too many French intellectuals were instrumental in bringing about the Revolution; too many approved and encouraged it so long as, like Tarquin’s wand, it cut off only the ruling heads. Like so many others, they said, a great revolution cannot come about without some distress

 But when a thinker justifies such means by the end in view; when he says in his heart, a hundred thousand murders are as nothing, provided we are free; then, if Providence replies, I accept your recommendation, but you shall be one of the victims, where is the injustice?

To Maistre, grandmaster of theodicy, the French Revolution was God’s justice on the liberal French philosophers who had brought it about. We can agree or disagree on the theology. No historian can disagree that the “amazing writers, journalists and think-tankers” of Paris in the 1780s did plenty to prepare their own graves.

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