Karen Attiah – a Washington Post opinion editor – sent out a series of tweets Sunday night attacking Trump supporters and saying “white women are lucky” black people are “not calling for revenge.”

Could this be real?

Did an opinion editor for the Washington Post publish such an incendiary statement against white women? Yes, she is a mobster and then later that night she deleted the Tweets ( i copied an image of them below)

But this is exactly how she feels, along with many of her colleagues.

In the age of ‘cancel culture’ and open hate for anyone not supporting their woke or leftish idealogy. She is a marxist, and itching for a violent revolution.

Moreover, Attiah listed historical racial incidents she believes white women are responsible for. She did so knowing that these tweets would be associated with The Washington Post.

Mobsters like Attiah are going to lead to violence on scale only seen in Lenin’s Soviet Union or Mao’s China.

Don’t trust her pretty face. She is a gangster.