Brig, Soren and Reidar-

Courage requires admitting you are wrong. Only by admitting wrong, or a failure can you improve as person, and live a successful life.

We will always be imperfect, but we can improve ourselves from yesterday. Never perfect, but always getting better.

However many people lie to themselves, and get worse everyday. A future day is worse than a past day when you lie.

You mother cannot admit to the LIES she told to the court about Ski Crampons, the medical certificates and the tax fraud. These lies destroyed her, and made her life much worse than before. Even today she pretends she did not DESTROY her family, but blames it on others.

When she doesn’t have me to blame, she will blame it on you. I guarantee it.

Because – no matter what evil she commits, she will never admit fault.

This woman killed her kids, and says:

“I am the victim of what I’ve been through”

Can you imagine your mother saying that? Bien sur. She is ALWAYS the victim, no matter how severe her crime.