Papa Traps

Brig Soren Reidar:

This quote describes my path in life, and traps set to destroy a fantastic father. In fact, the better I became as a father, the more vicious and evil the traps.

A father who wants to achieve something important and highly constructive for his family has to move cautiously and even timidly; there are thousands of hasty and irresponsible critics around him, family courts and the neighbors keep rebuffing him. As he moves ahead, he has to prove that every single step of his is well-founded and absolutely flawless. Actually, an outstanding and particularly gifted person who has unusual and unexpected initiatives in mind hardly gets a chance to assert himself; from the very beginning, dozens of traps will be set out for him. Thus, mediocrity triumphs with the excuse of restrictions imposed by friends, family and society.

Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard Address (1978), he explained how modern Western society is designed to ensure the reign of mediocrity, and crush intelligent and open-minded people.