Science or Censorship?

While the question (Science or Censorship?) seems like a tradeoff- it is not. The answer is obvious. Science is simply not possible if you are unwilling to address uncomfortable ideas. Think outside the box… Science requires debate and open discussion, and zero censorship. Otherwise there is no science, and we would continue to live in caves, starving and murdering each other.

If you censor ideas- YOU ARE NOT A SCIENTIST. It is very simple. you are a thug.

But today any discussion about the origins of the Coronavirus is censored. Banned, you are even killed if you bring up evidence that clearly implicates a source of the virus. Effectively, you are implicating someone in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. So they are prepared to kill you too.

Alina Chan, virolologist has overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 spikes are only present from a small sample of Pangolins in the Wuhan lab. Just for asking the question and doing some investigation she harassed.

You can read her science article here, and news article here.