Brig – Soren – Reidar:

Your mother and I lived in New York during the terror attack on 9/11, and it changed our lives. Mostly it accelerated the hurry to have children (you) and leave NYC.

At the time I did not anticipate that the bigger cost from this terror attack was the loss of personal liberties. Airline stupidity, controls, surveillance changed remarkably after this event, and we still live with the loss of personal freedom and liberties.

Coronavirus looks like the same type of societal event, and I can tell you the future impact is much bigger- something I could not predict in September 2001. The original loss of life is tragic by Coronavirus, but it will be small compared to the loss of freedom and liberties and political tyranny. Expect masks and temperature checks (even while skiing)- Shutting down schools and offices and huts…. endless excuses for scared people. These regulations will have the same efficiency as requirement to shut off your phone while in the airplane. Prepare for rules which restrict your freedom. Prepare for nonsense.

The terrorists win in the long run if you let them. Stay Brave, Stay Free.