Adama Traoré

Brig, Soren & Reidar:

This 24 year man was asphyxiated by Gendarmes in the police van. He was already in handcuffs, and killed… This is police brutality, just like the George Floyd case in the USA. More than 20,000 people were protesting in Paris yesterday for justice.

And drum roll please… the careful, reasoned and sensible decision by prosecutors after a lengthy 4 year investigation? Nothing, nada, zilch. Not even a trial or indictment. That is what will happen with George Floyd too…delay for years, sit on the evidence and claim Floyd “had an underlying medical condition”

No consequences for police when they act badly or dishonorably. That is how Lise-Anne behaves- preying on their lawless behavior, and never facing consequences for bad acts. French Prosecutors do not use evidence, or facts, they simply protect their friends, and kill people they don’t like, or that offend them.

Facts and evidence are meaningless to Prosecutors.

Police are savage, cruel and evil- unaccountable to anyone. And Lise-Anne is part of this savage game. She has enlisted the police as her ally. Without the Police, she could never have orchestrated such a hoax, and destroyed our family.

Beware. Your mother will turn on you personally as well.

Lise-Anne Brutality, she is unaccountable to anyone. Beware.