Another organized hoax. hydroxychloroquine The drug HCQ is used for malaria or 70 years, and is reliably safe…. in fact it has one the highest safety records of any drug ever produced…

yet during the Coronavirus panic it is suddenly reported to kill people... This report comes in the reputable medical journal Lancet.

After Lancet convinced everyone that HCQ is a “terrifying drug”, with heart failure and sudden death. They accomplished their goal of destroying its effective use, and all research studies into the HCQ effectiveness. Drug assassination is just like character assassination.

The HCQ drug also happens to be cheap and abundant, and might compete with massive sums of money devoted to new Covid-19 drugs.

The authors, supported by the drug companies, now retract their story and admit is it all fake. Even the WHO is restarting their research studies on HCQ and admitting all earlier reports were false.

Your mother, after 20 years of beautiful happy family life, decided to suddenly report that your Father is violent, …it is all retracted now without evidence or crimes. It is the same type of hoax. Hysteria with facts or evidence- even when the established record in plain to anybody with a 3rd grade education.

But the hoax is effective with stupid people. Even today most people will not take HCQ because they are fearful of the former narrative, no matter how fake and fraudulent the narrative is.

Lies destroy lives… #liesdestroylives

The Lancet retraction PDF is here.