Huawei Hostages

Two regular Canadians citizens are being imprisoned by Chinese government as retaliation for Huawei, the telecommunications company.

This could be you… convicted in a kangaroo court. No justice, and not even the facade of justice. Pure Revenge. The court system is weaponized for hatred, not for justice. They are caught in the middle. Just like you 3 boys. Caught in the middle of revenge.

Your mother acts with revenge, resentfulness and shame. She fabricated all the allegations and committed fraud. Beware of her. She will put you in prison too when you grow up. I know it seems unbelievable to you that she will imprison you, as it came as big surprise to me. She can make up any story she wants.

I am sure she still says that “she loves you”- afterall she told me that for 20 years-frequently… then without warning she exploded. . But she does not love you- that is very clear from her behavior over last 3 years. Watch what she does, not what she says.

Love Papa.