Brig, Soren and Reidar

If you think the Family Court is competent, then you are mistaken.

It is not just that family court makes errors, or is biased. If fact,it is totally incompetent.

Family and Children are destroyed by this incompetence. Just like yours.

TEN- 10!! years later… the court still refuses to even look at the allegations of the mother. That is what will happen with your case. Cover their eyes to the fraud your mother has committed. It is so horrible the fraud, and the evidence so blatant, they refuse to look at it.


“Without any meaningful reasons, together with consideration of the record, I have no way to assess the merits of the mother’s allegations of error or the father’s alternative orders sought,” he explained.

“The issues in this case are not complex. The trial judge displayed a great deal of patience for the parties and concern for the well-being of the child during the course of the trial. Providing responsive reasons for judgment ought not to have been difficult … The prolongation of litigation and conflict between his parents is likely to be harmful to the child.”

This is happening worldwide. Do not expect the court to act with any competence. It is worse than useless. it is destructive.