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At least you haven’t accused me of Rape. at least not yet. hahaha. It is ridiculous, but not really funny. It happens far to often, and false allegations of abuse can destroy everything.

Watch: ‘I considered suicide after my daughter falsely accused me of rape’

My mum was celebrating because my father was in prison and after a while I said that it was enough and I had my own independence. The lie was weighing down on me because I didn’t want my dad to continue to suffer.

Emanuel Camilleri spent over a year in prison for a crime he did not commit

Emanuel Camilleri spent almost 400 days in prison when his daughter falsely accused him of rape. In an emotional interview after he won compensation for the ordeal last week, he tells Jessica Arena how the experience shattered his life and how the support of his wife pulled him through.

It is clear from the pictures hanging on the wall of Emanuel Camilleri’s Valletta home that family takes centre stage in his life. 

But for over a decade, he had to fight to prove he was innocent of an allegation of rape made by his then 10-year-old daughter that landed him in prison.

“As soon as I was sentenced, the first thing that ran through my mind was suicide,” he recalls.